Biliard Club RED FOX

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Luni 12:00-00:30
Marți 12:00-00:30
Miercuri 12:00-00:30
Joi 12:00-00:30
Vineri 12:00-00:30
Sâmbătă 12:00-00:30
Duminică 12:00-00:30

Despre sala de sport

RED FOX Billiards Club- is a modern billiards club for playing pool billiards.  We offer: American POOL game - Separate rooms with pool tables - Non-alcoholic cocktails - Infused and natural teas - Coffee drinks - Comfortable music.
Billiard club RED FOX It is an ideal place to take a break from the everyday hustle and bustle in the company of friends, as well as an excellent opportunity to improve your billiard skills.
The UP FIT application only applies to the Game of American Pool.

Programul activităților

str. Independentei 6/1 , Chisinau