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Fitness Queen is a modern fitness club exclusively for women with a concept of sport-modern desighn-classic.Sălile are located on main streets (V.Alecsandri 11 Bd. Moscow 6) and find us easily. They include a dressing room shower, toilet, massage cabinets. You can use Wi-Fi, just drink water and enjoy an occasional cafea.Colectivul is welcoming and helpful, fitness instructors are certified professionals with our internaţională.Prioritatea accreditation is to provide services at the highest level, as D- great to have the best results, so we have a wide range of workouts: Body Sculpt, Pilates, Fitball, Step Aerobics, Kangoo Jumps, Jumping, Zumba. Practicing only one type of training the body adapts and your orders reach the point of stagnation when you can not have rezultate.Noi you should vary your workouts so the body will not learn, D-great you will not get bored and you'll get results continuously. Especially combining cardio with toning exercises, adopting a balanced diet recommended by our nutrition specialist with international accreditation certificate and making the procedures masorii our professional massage. Because cardio training (Step Aerobics, Zumba, Kangoo Jumps, Jumping) starting lymph develops cardiovascular system and accelerates fat burning processes. With us you can train in a distinguished atmosphere, dishes where forget all the daily problems and focus on what is beautiful and interesting as a result eliminîdu the more endorphins you get a good feeling, a lucid mind and relieved .With toning exercises (body Sculpt, Fitball, Pilates) will sculpt the body depending on the needs of each person.

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str. Vasile Alecsandri 11 , Chisinau