Choose meal vouchers both to reimburse and encourage your team and to make you work easier.

Think about how easy it will be to order vouchers for employees; they will always have control over operations through an online application available anytime for your employees.

Simplified logistics
100% tax deductibility and exemption
Fully secured system
Safety elements



  1. Voucher number – allows the unique identification of voucher
  2. User name, employer name, fiscal code
  3. Employer logo
  4. Voucher validity
  5. Contactless technology signs
  1. Magnetic tape
  2. Admission network logo (MasterCard) allows easy recognition by traders
  3. Contact information of the issuer
Frequently asked questions

Your employees benefit monthly from a number of meal vouchers which is equal at most to the number of days actually worked. The value of such vouchers is charged on the card; The maximum value of a meal voucher is currently up to 45 MDL.

Attention: Meal vouchers are not similar to bank cards; The voucher does not allow performing operations such as cash withdrawal or credit transfers and it is not used at the automatic teller machine;
Electronic meal vouchers benefit from fiscal advantages
According to legal provisions, all costs related to the lost or stolen meal vouchers will be entirely covered by the employer.
For a more pleasant shopping experience, the voucher of every employee is accompanied by a “Welcome letter” which details how it works and how to access the online account. Furthermore, we make a document relating to “Conditions of use of meal vouchers” available to users. Employees can also install the application Up Moldova from Google Play or Apple Store and can view voucher balance, operations history or voucher validity.

The time of meal vouchers delivery depends on the contractual terms.

Vouchers are replenished on the same day only if Up Moldova has transferred the funds on its vouchers until 17:00 and vouchers are ordered for the current month or for the next one. If vouchers are ordered for the next month, they will be replenished during the last 10 days of the month in which the order has been submitted.

Employees can verify the balance
using Cheque Online platform

Employees can verify the balance
using Cheque Online platform

Access web platform or download
iOS and Android applications

Numerous advantages for your team!
We are with you to motivate your employees through a simple and successful process.